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In My Humble Opinion

Big Bang Theory Fic Recs

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Big Bang Theory Fic Recs
in my humble opinion
Big Bang Theory fic recs

Helping readers to sift through the morass since 2010.

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There's a lot of fic out there. Time is money. We've filtered through the pile and hopefully found some of the best in the fandom for your reading pleasure. Clearly, we have too much spare time on our hands.

Now with bonus ranting!

Our fic weaknesses:

Beautiful language, realistic smut, apocafic, banter, pronouns, humor, Penny/Career, crack,
writers with a grasp of grammar and spelling, geekery, AU, kissing, RPF, complicated situations, epic road trip fic, tie!porn, irony

Our fic dislikes:

Flowery, overly-perfect smut, overdone angst, writing Sheldon's dialogue so that he sounds like Data from ST:TNG, OOC (unless it's crack), "moist", sappy babyfic, characters that behave like they're 13, fic that's posted in a format hard to read - especially colored backgrounds or white text on a black background

In other words:

We enjoy gen, het, m/m slash, and f/f slash. Generally, our favorite ship in Big Bang Theory is Sheldon/Penny and many of our recs will be in that vein, but you'll definitely see some other pairings, including RPF. You'll also probably see some gen, especially if it explores Penny's character. We love a good crossover. And we don't shy away from reading smut.


Some weeks we may update only once and others we may update many, many times. It depends on how the fic was that week and how lazy we're feeling.

On warnings:

Rest assured, we'll warn for noncon/dubcon, character death, and any other content that may trigger readers.

On comments/reviews/feedback:

If you enjoy a story recommended here, please take a minute to leave a comment for the writer. Fic writers work hard to create great stories for your free enjoyment and they pretty much live for your comments. DON'T MAKE US NAG.

Who are the reccers here?

intheforth: A writer, a writer of fictions. Also a constant reader. Enjoys pronouns and antecedents. Frequently ponders the criteria that determine a fandom classic. Generally in need of a haircut.

orciny: Female Earthling, moderately obsessed with Big Bang Theory, fanfic, cold press coffee, guyliner, writing, Sheldon's brilliant t-shirts, and the secret spaces hiding between overlapping cities. Is often found reading in the bathtub.

pythonaphale: twentysomething working gal, paying her dues to sing the blues; at this point, only kept sane by fiction, cats and tea. finds the concept and execution of fanfiction to be delightfully empowering. seeks gritty realism and sweet escapism in equal measures.

sperero: Not-so-single white female, enjoys long walks on the beach and intentionally screwing with grammar for fun. Also a fan of messing with canon, characterizations, and chronology. Unintentional alliteration is unintentional.

Have you found something we must read?

PM one of us. We'd love to hear your thoughts. We don't accept bribes, except in baked good form.

Also, your comments on recommendations are always most welcome.

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