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Big Bang Theory Fic Recs

The Hofstadter-Gaunt Duality by weasleytook
Summary: Voldemort comes to Dr. Leonard Hofstadter for a late night discussion. No. Really.
Word Count: 1014
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Gen
Genre: Crack, humor, crossover with Harry Potter
Link to Story:

Monday morning has hit me like a freight train of doom. Coffee isn't even really helping. But this fic was just what I needed. Silly, light and hilarious. Mmm, delicious Voldemort-flavored crack. Cures all that ails you. Even Monday mornings.

“You’re a character. In a book. You’re not real. So why would I be afraid of you?”

Long pale fingers holding a wand are out of his robes suddenly and without muttering a word, Voldemort sets the coffee table on fire. Leonard can feel the heat of the flames and he figures that if this is all a hallucination, it’s a pretty impressive one. He decides to just go with it.

“You’re in Sheldon’s spot.”

If you're having a rough Monday morning, too, I definitely recommend reading this story.

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let's fell our withering tree by ishie
Summary: "What are you waiting for?" he asked, then motioned at the road stretching out ahead of the car. "Let's go."
Word Count: 17,000 words
Rating: R
Pairing(s): Sheldon/Penny
Genre: Apocafic, angst
Link to Story:

Is there anyone in Big Bang Theory fandom who hasn't read this story yet? If you haven't, cancel your plans for the next few hours and go read this. It will be time well spent.

This story should be considered one of the classics in the fandom. Written for apocabigbang, it's sprawling and epic, yet it also feels intimately personal. It's a story that's so visceral in its descriptions that I actually felt I was there in that universe, could see the barren landscape and smell the smoke of cities burning.

She convinced Sheldon to take the wheel somewhere around Atchison. He didn't do too bad, once she reminded him that there was no one left to check the traffic cameras and the only way a car could surprise him was if he closed his eyes.

Penny fell in and out of a doze while he drove. She hadn't slept well on the road, starting with the catnap she had caught back in Arizona. Her dreams were full of creeping things, rattling noises just out of sight. She kept feeling flames lick at the bottoms of her feet, curling up her arms and legs, and dancing away down the road. A dozen times — maybe more — she woke with a scream just barely held in check as she smelled her hair start to burn.

This is one of those fics where every word seems perfectly, lovingly placed, where the tension rachets up more and more as each paragraph moves by, where the characterization is expertly drawn, and where the story is angsty but there are unexpected flashes of humor. You'd be a fool to miss this one.

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Poll on BBT Fic Reviews
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Feel free to comment, if the spirit moves you.

Poll #1540293 BBT Reviews

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As a fic writer, does receiving fewer reviews than before make you less eager to write and post fic?

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The I-130 Prevarication by boonies
Summary: Budget cuts at CalTech force Raj to resort to Plan D: asking Penny to marry him. Awesome plan or awesomest plan ever?
Word Count: Ongoing series, so not known yet.
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Sheldon/Penny, Howard/Raj, platonic Penny/Raj
Genre: Humor
Link to Story:

I just checked and I cannot believe I've only recced one of boonies' stories. What is wrong with me? She's one of the freshest and most original voices in Big Bang Theory fic. Everything she writes is guaranteed to be hilarious and unnervingly true to character.

Again, I'm always a bit hesitant to recommend a work in progress, but this story is so extraordinary that I can't help gush about it even though only two chapters are up so far. The concept is so brilliant that I'm mad that I didn't think of it myself (except there's just no way I would have been able to execute it as well as this) -- Raj and Penny have a green card marriage, facilitated by Sheldon. Just let that sink in for a second. Best. Fic. Idea. Ever.

Cut for an excerpt from the story.Collapse )

As is true for all of boonies' fic, this story features group interaction that seems to have come straight from the TV show, laughs galore and characterization that's nothing short of perfection.

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Long Time Waiting by ishie
Summary: "I'm not talking about this with you, Sheldon. Get out so I can go home and back to bed, or I'll come over there and kick you out."
Word Count: 1878
Rating: PG
Pairing(s): Leonard/Penny
Genre: Character piece
Link to Story:

I love just about everything ishie writes, but this one has a special place in my heart because it features such a strong friendship between Penny and Sheldon. True, Leonard/Penny isn't my favorite pairing, on- or off-screen, but this story is worth the read because of the friendship and how the L/P relationship is completely in character, despite one fairly large twist -- Penny is a virgin. Oh, and the excellent writing, of course.

"Missy got hers when we were twelve."

Apparently Sheldon's new conversational tactics were taking a turn for the weird and uncomfortable. Even more than normal, that was. Penny scowled at him as she chucked the box of tampons in the cart.

He stared back for a beat before he worked out what her reaction meant. "Oh, no, not her period," he assured her. "I meant her purity ring."

I really like how this story straddles the line between seriousness and humor, light and dark.

If you enjoy this story, please take a minute to leave a comment for the writer. You don't need an Archive of Their Own account to comment there.

The Male Pregnancy Conundrum by noelia_g
Summary: None.
Word Count: 528
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Sheldon/Leonard
Genre: Crack
Link to Story:

Most of the time I think that mpreg fic is the worst idea ever. But if it's done crackily enough and is well-written, I can love it. I just love this story. It made me giggle uncontrollably the whole time I was reading it. Witty, silly, but still magically in character, with the bonus of full cast interaction.

"How the hell did that even happen?" Penny asks, looking suspiciously at Leonard, who would like to point out that it's not entirely his fault. Partly, maybe.

"Well, Penny," Howard starts with a leer. "See, when mommy and daddy love each other very much..." he stops as Raj leans to whisper frantically in his ear. "What do you mean I'm not telling it right? As I'm the only one of the two of us capable of telling this story I will choose the manner in which it is told. No, I'm not being difficult!"

"There was tequila," Leonard explains sadly. "Lots of it."

Brilliant. I do wish there were more slash in this fandom. With four male main cast members, how come there isn't? Would anyone care to explain that to me?

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Never Say Never by danakate
Summary: Sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll.
Word Count: 1522
Rating: R
Pairing(s): Sheldon/Penny
Genre: Character piece
Link to Story:

What I love about this story is how it takes a simple concept that might even be a bit of a fic trope - Sheldon and Penny play a drinking game - and turns it into a sparkling little gem of character exploration.

"Umm. Never have I ever betrayed a friend's dream."

He looks at her, a small frown on his face. "Penny, I can't say I've done that."

"I know," she shrugs. "I just...wanted you to know."

He stares at her for a long moment. "I see." And he takes a drink anyway.

Oh, and the kissing in the story? Epically lovely.

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Sincerely Yours by d_sieya
Sorry to post so much today. I was sort of slack in the reccing business and I'm trying to catch up so that I can stop feeling guilty about neglecting my duties.

Summary: Basically, a typical Cooper February in letters, e-mails, etc.
Word Count: 1346
Rating: G
Pairing(s): Gen
Genre: Humor, character piece
Link to Story:

I've always had a weakness for epistolary fic and this particular story hit me right in my sweet spot. Basically, we have a month's worth of correspondence between Sheldon and various family members. Which means Missy, Mary and Meemaw (the Holy Trinity!), who really need to be in about 50% of Big Bang Theory fanfic.

Story excerpt behind the cut.Collapse )

This story is charming, funny and just the right thing to read on a glum day when you could use a little cheering up.

If you enjoy this story, please take a minute to leave a comment for the writer.

OK, that's enough spamming of your friends lists for one day, even if it was for a good cause.

Big Bang Big Bang!

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Open for any and all genres, pairings, and ratings!

The Law of Universal Gravitation by allthingsholy, dashakay, juniperlane & montycrowley
Summary: Season 3. Penny is dating Leonard. But that's only the beginning of it. A re-imagining of season 3 where canon is canon but behind the scenes, something is brewing between Penny and Sheldon.
Word Count: Ongoing series, so not known yet.
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Sheldon/Penny, Leonard/Penny
Genre: AU, angst, smut, series
Link to Story:

When I was in The Office fandom, there was a series called Warning Labels that pretty much blew my mind. It was a re-telling of season 2, where Pam and Jim were having a secret affair behind the scenes and out of the eyes of the cameras. That concept could have been a disaster, but in the hands of some truly gifted writers, it was beautifully done from beginning to end. It's still a series I re-read from time to time.

So you can pretty much imagine that I clapped my hands like a trained seal at Sea World when I found out that four of my favorite BBT writers were going to work with a similar concept (apparently with the blessings of the warning_labels authors). But I also approached this series with a little apprehension. Again, it's a fantastic concept, but one that I can imagine could easily derail.

I almost hesitate to rec this series when only two parts have been posted, but those two parts are almost exactly what I was hoping for in this series. Sheldon dealing with the aftermath of Leonard and the guys betraying him on their Arctic research trip? Yes. Depth in the characterization of Penny (in a season where she's been reduced to only Leonard's girlfriend)? Yep. Scorchingly hot smut? Bingo.

As Sheldon kisses Penny, he can't stop himself from analyzing the situation he finds himself in, as it is so far beyond anything he ever would have expected. He comes to a tentative series of conclusions:

1. She tastes like Leonard. (He, of course, cannot prove this, cannot even point to any definitive flavor that makes him think this, beyond the logical assumption: she was just kissing Leonard, not even five minutes before. Thus, it follows she must taste like him.)

2. She was kissing Leonard not even five minutes before. (Perhaps, if it had been anyone else, he might feel remotely guilty about this. As it stands, he does not.)

3. He has nothing left to lose. (This is a fact, cold and undeniable, and he has yet to fully apprehend its full weight and meaning. But this is—if not the primary reason why he continues his actions—at least a mitigating factor.)

Sheldon has always taken what he wants. This time is no different.

I can't wait to see where this series goes. I hope that the writers hurry it up with the next part.

If you enjoy this series, please take a minute to leave a comment for the writers.


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