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love (and other derivations of the gravity constant) by morelikegravity

I reject the notion that the Sheldon/Penny fandom is dead. Hopefully, you do too. Go forth and read this new piece, from a completely unknown and criminally under-reviewed author. Then rectify the situation.

Title: love (and other derivations of the gravity constant)
Author: morelikegravity
Summary: Lovely crazy prose and clever language combine in a short but sexy and elegant S/P piece. Just try it. It's fantastic.
Word Count: 1100
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Sheldon/Penny
Genre: Alternative, character piece
Link to Story: Here

Science. He is a spark under her skin, flint pressing slowly against steel as he walks over. She stands up (scraping, now), throws aside the bottle in her hand, ignoring the liquid crash. It’s just another excuse for the fire to start, already, honestly.

She has never been more complete and less absolute than when she is with him.

He has never hated the idea of genius more than when he is with her.

After reading this piece, please leave the author a review! Reviews mean happy authors and livelier fandoms!
Tags: author: morelikegravity, genre: character piece, pairing: sheldon/penny
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March 1 2011, 23:35:16 UTC 7 years ago Edited:  March 1 2011, 23:36:15 UTC

(I'm about to go read and review - but I just wanted to echo your refusal. I still think that the Sheldon/Penny corner of the fandom is alive and kicking. There have been some REALLY good things written - even lately. Shenny FTW!)

EDITED - because I HAVE read this and it was epic and awesome.
Hey, thank you so much for reccomeding my piece (morelikegravity is my writing journal)! It means a ton, and it was very sweet of you to do :3