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Hooray For Our Side by cereal

Summary: Technically speaking, Penny said she was going to move to California and work in the movies. So, technically speaking, this gig at the theaters, tearing tickets, shoveling popcorn, it's technically like she's living her dream. She just didn't word it right and now she's paying the price, like some fucked up genie is running -- ruining -- her life.
Word Count: 8,000+
Rating: R
Pairing(s): Sheldon/Penny
Genre: AU
Link to Story: http://cereal.livejournal.com/155317.html

I know that cereal gets rec'ed a lot around here, but guys: she keeps throwing up winners like nobody's business, and this fic is no exception. I have an admitted weak spot for a well written AU, and this is the whole gang working at a movie theater (with the exception of Raj, who works at an Italian restaurant and takes phone-in orders from Penny using a complex series of button pushes). As is the trick with every great AU, Penny and Sheldon and all the rest of them are still Penny and Sheldon and all the rest of them, just--blurred a little, at the edges. Shifted. It's wonderful, and delightful, and centered around the premiere of Tron. I MEAN COME ON.

Penny kind of hangs back for a minute, watching Sheldon. He does this thing at tickets, that no one else does -- he insists on ripping them all one at a time.

She'd asked him about it once and he'd explained that tearing more than one ticket at a time leads to a larger margin for error as it pertains to the perforations -- or some crazy Sheldon babble like that.

But then, right when she thought he was done, he'd added something, about how some people keep ticket stubs as mementos and although he didn't understand attaching sentimental value to a piece of paper, his Meemaw showed great pride in a stub she'd kept from her youth, from the Wizard of Oz.

"People don't like it when you damage things that hold value for them, Penny."

The way he'd said it, she expected him to explain a little more, like how his action figures would be worth less if the packages were ripped (and then maybe something about how action figures were worth real money and not, like, feelings).

But he didn't. He just stopped talking, leaving Penny to think about Sheldon as a boy, looking at his Meemaw's old ticket stub.

It's the perfect blend of geeky and sweet, and the tone hits just right. Also, Sheldon and Penny hang out in their underwear. FYI.

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Tags: author: cereal, genre: au, het, pairing: sheldon/penny, rating: r
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