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Keep it Quiet, Keep it Kink: Tales From the Kink!meme

BBT fandom seems to be in hibernation for the summer - and lo, the fans lament. But there's still plenty to do and read, if you know where to look. Paradox-o-Rama-lama-ding-dong is going strong at sheldon_penny and the bbt_kink meme has some interesting little reads.

The following three fics are from said Kink!Meme and are kind of off the beaten track. I haven't heard of the authors - one's anon, even - they haven't gotten many reviews - and it hurts and baffles me to see them languish, like beautiful kittens at the pound. (Animal metaphors are where it's at, baby.)

Go forth and partake of kink!

And get out there and do some reviewing!

Title: The Archetypal Coitus Paradigm
Pairing: Leonard/Sheldon
Rating: PG-13 for references to sexual acts.
Prompt: Sheldon tries to find the perfect spot/position to have sex in...
Genre: smut, all-dialogue, slash
Link to Story: here
Summary: Leonard and Sheldon being domestic in a most charming sense of the word.
Warnings: Use of the word 'coitus,' which I hate. All-dialogue. Slash.

"Pay attention, Leonard, we already rejected the sofa on the grounds that the living room is communal space, and therefore not appropriate for coitus."

"Which is why I suggested the bedroom! Oh, and we didn't reject the living room. You rejected the living room. I was just fine with the living room."

"If you're happy to mate anywhere, like some kind of unevolved..."

All-dialogue is a hard trick to pull off, but when done well - bravo! Or brava, as the case may be. Somebody stalk ceefax_the_sane and find out. While you're at it, get him-or-her to write some more fic for this fandom, because they're delightful.

Author: hitbyadeathcab
Pairing: unrequited Leonard/Sheldon, Leonard/Penny established
Rating:NC-17 for explicit kink.
Prompt: 'angsty masturbation'
Genre: smut, slash
Link to Story: here
Warnings: Explicit Sheldonanism. Slash.
Summary Sheldon can hear Leonard and Penny in the next room, and he's keeping notes on his nightly observations.

His unequalled mind turns these thoughts over and over, processing in the background even as he works to unravel the rest of the universe, whiteboard full of equations. He dares not use a whiteboard for the Leonard-Penny problem, lest either of them see it.

Nicely put, am I right? The only thing that bothers me about this story is the antibacterial wipes at the end, the use of which worries me in a quiet background way. I can see it being in-character and I can also see it being a terrible idea. Otherwise, it's a beautifully written piece, in-character and pretty hot.


and here's my favorite so far...

Title: Untitled
Pairing:Sheldon/Penny established, Penny/Bernadette
Rating:NC-17 for explicit kink.
Prompt: Penny is in a relationship with Sheldon, and it is stressful. Bernadette is how she works her stress out.
Genre: femmeslash, smut.
Link to Story: here
Warnings: femmeslash, smut, public sex, oral.
Summary: Penny and Bernadette share a moment that is both smokin' hot and pretty wrong.

Bernadette isn't hard or cold or precise when Penny backs her up against the bar an hour after close and presses their lips together. She's pliant against Penny, and warm, and the squeak she makes in the back of her throat when Penny slides her hands over Bernadette's fuller, rounder waist is more than a little uncertain.

Oh hell YES. This is the story I've been waiting for. It's lovely - brilliantly written, angsty, a little bit funny, hot as hell, and FEMMESLASH (holla!) - go review it. Now.

If you enjoy these stories, please let the authors know with a simple review! Happy authors write more fic, and more fic means more for you to read - it's a scientific FACT.
Tags: author: anon, author: ceefax_the_sane, author: hitbyadeathcab, finding: offbeat, genre: slash
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