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Kicking Ass in Under 600 Words: Three Snack-Sized Fics

I like to think of these little fics as tiny ninja fish. All of them are under 600 words, and they pack more punch and polish into each one than most of us manage in 6000. Such small fish generally escape the trawl of fandom rec nets, as most people are looking for sprawling classic epics - which leads us to the best part: I bet you've never read them.


Title: love in the time of science
Author: neecoal  
Summary:  Sheldon admires Penny's body from a refreshingly analytical perspective.
Word Count: 345
Rating: Light R
Pairing(s): Sheldon/Penny
Genre: Literary, character piece
Link to Story:

Written in November and, IMHO, criminally overlooked, this is a small, sexy, scientific, sparkling little fic. One light, well crafted sex scene sketched in lines like:  It is algebra, pure and simple: find the value of x, x being the action that makes her moan like that again.

And: An inverse slope connects shoulder and neck, her shoulder the asymptote which he marks with his teeth.

Yeah. With a few sentences, neecoal   just kicked our asses. Let's show this fierce little fic some love.


Title: The Present is a Foreign Country
Author:  lannamichaels  
Summary: The world does not end and Sheldon falls in love.
Word Count: 600
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Sheldon/Eleventh Doctor
Genre: Crack, crossover, humor
Link to Story: At A03
Spoilers for "Eleventh Hour," the first episode of the 2010 season of Doctor Who.

Let's talk about this story for a minute - No, wait. Sheldon Cooper/Eleventh Doctor. Sheldon Cooper/Eleventh Doctor. Got that? Right. Here's the first sentence.

It is when Sheldon sees the answers to life, the universe, and everything scroll by on the screen during the semi-annual we're-all-going-to-die-and-it's-all-the-UK's-fault web conference that he discovers, much to his surprise, that he has a sex drive.

I don't even know why you're not reading this fic already. And the last two sentences? When you read them, they will fix 72.5% of the things that are wrong in your life.

Title: a white canvas, complete in itself
Author: allthingsholy
Summary: Penny being herself - which is to say, awesome.
Word Count: 475.
Rating: G
Pairing(s): Gen.
Genre: character piece
Link to Story:

As much as I love seeing Penny being shipped with everything but anchovies, sometimes I just want to see good strong Penny Gen. Nothing much happens in this little fic; it doesn't need to. It just brings us a little closer to a woman that we all read about, but that none of us really know.

"No," Penny interrupts. She learned her lesson borrowing money from Sheldon: she doesn't want to owe anyone anything. She wants to make it on her own. "I'm not asking Mom and Dad for money." Her voice is sharp and clear. Strong. New.


If you enjoy these stories, please take a minute to leave a comment for their writers. Comments = happy writers. Happy writers = more fic for us to read. You don't need an account to comment on fic at Archive of Their Own.
Tags: author: allthingsholy, author: lannamichaels, author: neecoal, genre: drabble
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