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love (and other derivations of the gravity constant) by morelikegravity
audrey reading
I reject the notion that the Sheldon/Penny fandom is dead. Hopefully, you do too. Go forth and read this new piece, from a completely unknown and criminally under-reviewed author. Then rectify the situation.

Title: love (and other derivations of the gravity constant)
Author: morelikegravity
Summary: Lovely crazy prose and clever language combine in a short but sexy and elegant S/P piece. Just try it. It's fantastic.
Word Count: 1100
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Sheldon/Penny
Genre: Alternative, character piece
Link to Story: Here

Science. He is a spark under her skin, flint pressing slowly against steel as he walks over. She stands up (scraping, now), throws aside the bottle in her hand, ignoring the liquid crash. It’s just another excuse for the fire to start, already, honestly.

She has never been more complete and less absolute than when she is with him.

He has never hated the idea of genius more than when he is with her.

After reading this piece, please leave the author a review! Reviews mean happy authors and livelier fandoms!

Hooray For Our Side by cereal
Summary: Technically speaking, Penny said she was going to move to California and work in the movies. So, technically speaking, this gig at the theaters, tearing tickets, shoveling popcorn, it's technically like she's living her dream. She just didn't word it right and now she's paying the price, like some fucked up genie is running -- ruining -- her life.
Word Count: 8,000+
Rating: R
Pairing(s): Sheldon/Penny
Genre: AU
Link to Story:

I know that cereal gets rec'ed a lot around here, but guys: she keeps throwing up winners like nobody's business, and this fic is no exception. I have an admitted weak spot for a well written AU, and this is the whole gang working at a movie theater (with the exception of Raj, who works at an Italian restaurant and takes phone-in orders from Penny using a complex series of button pushes). As is the trick with every great AU, Penny and Sheldon and all the rest of them are still Penny and Sheldon and all the rest of them, just--blurred a little, at the edges. Shifted. It's wonderful, and delightful, and centered around the premiere of Tron. I MEAN COME ON.

Penny kind of hangs back for a minute, watching Sheldon. He does this thing at tickets, that no one else does -- he insists on ripping them all one at a time.

She'd asked him about it once and he'd explained that tearing more than one ticket at a time leads to a larger margin for error as it pertains to the perforations -- or some crazy Sheldon babble like that.

But then, right when she thought he was done, he'd added something, about how some people keep ticket stubs as mementos and although he didn't understand attaching sentimental value to a piece of paper, his Meemaw showed great pride in a stub she'd kept from her youth, from the Wizard of Oz.

"People don't like it when you damage things that hold value for them, Penny."

The way he'd said it, she expected him to explain a little more, like how his action figures would be worth less if the packages were ripped (and then maybe something about how action figures were worth real money and not, like, feelings).

But he didn't. He just stopped talking, leaving Penny to think about Sheldon as a boy, looking at his Meemaw's old ticket stub.

It's the perfect blend of geeky and sweet, and the tone hits just right. Also, Sheldon and Penny hang out in their underwear. FYI.

If you enjoy this story, please take a minute to leave a comment for the writer.

Keep it Quiet, Keep it Kink: Tales From the Kink!meme
audrey reading
BBT fandom seems to be in hibernation for the summer - and lo, the fans lament. But there's still plenty to do and read, if you know where to look. Paradox-o-Rama-lama-ding-dong is going strong at sheldon_penny and the bbt_kink meme has some interesting little reads.

The following three fics are from said Kink!Meme and are kind of off the beaten track. I haven't heard of the authors - one's anon, even - they haven't gotten many reviews - and it hurts and baffles me to see them languish, like beautiful kittens at the pound. (Animal metaphors are where it's at, baby.)

Go forth and partake of kink!

And get out there and do some reviewing!

Title: The Archetypal Coitus Paradigm
Pairing: Leonard/Sheldon
Rating: PG-13 for references to sexual acts.
Prompt: Sheldon tries to find the perfect spot/position to have sex in...
Genre: smut, all-dialogue, slash
Link to Story: here
Summary: Leonard and Sheldon being domestic in a most charming sense of the word.
Warnings: Use of the word 'coitus,' which I hate. All-dialogue. Slash.

"Pay attention, Leonard, we already rejected the sofa on the grounds that the living room is communal space, and therefore not appropriate for coitus."

"Which is why I suggested the bedroom! Oh, and we didn't reject the living room. You rejected the living room. I was just fine with the living room."

"If you're happy to mate anywhere, like some kind of unevolved..."

All-dialogue is a hard trick to pull off, but when done well - bravo! Or brava, as the case may be. Somebody stalk ceefax_the_sane and find out. While you're at it, get him-or-her to write some more fic for this fandom, because they're delightful.

Author: hitbyadeathcab
Pairing: unrequited Leonard/Sheldon, Leonard/Penny established
Rating:NC-17 for explicit kink.
Prompt: 'angsty masturbation'
Genre: smut, slash
Link to Story: here
Warnings: Explicit Sheldonanism. Slash.
Summary Sheldon can hear Leonard and Penny in the next room, and he's keeping notes on his nightly observations.

His unequalled mind turns these thoughts over and over, processing in the background even as he works to unravel the rest of the universe, whiteboard full of equations. He dares not use a whiteboard for the Leonard-Penny problem, lest either of them see it.

Nicely put, am I right? The only thing that bothers me about this story is the antibacterial wipes at the end, the use of which worries me in a quiet background way. I can see it being in-character and I can also see it being a terrible idea. Otherwise, it's a beautifully written piece, in-character and pretty hot.


and here's my favorite so far...

Title: Untitled
Pairing:Sheldon/Penny established, Penny/Bernadette
Rating:NC-17 for explicit kink.
Prompt: Penny is in a relationship with Sheldon, and it is stressful. Bernadette is how she works her stress out.
Genre: femmeslash, smut.
Link to Story: here
Warnings: femmeslash, smut, public sex, oral.
Summary: Penny and Bernadette share a moment that is both smokin' hot and pretty wrong.

Bernadette isn't hard or cold or precise when Penny backs her up against the bar an hour after close and presses their lips together. She's pliant against Penny, and warm, and the squeak she makes in the back of her throat when Penny slides her hands over Bernadette's fuller, rounder waist is more than a little uncertain.

Oh hell YES. This is the story I've been waiting for. It's lovely - brilliantly written, angsty, a little bit funny, hot as hell, and FEMMESLASH (holla!) - go review it. Now.

If you enjoy these stories, please let the authors know with a simple review! Happy authors write more fic, and more fic means more for you to read - it's a scientific FACT.

What Times We Live In by otempora42
Summary: Sheldon and Penny break up. Yeah, I know.
Word Count: 3700
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Sheldon/Penny
Genre: Angst
Link to Story:

Oh. Yes. Finally the story I've been waiting and waiting for -- a fic that explores a relationship between Sheldon and Penny where Sheldon is definitely asexual. Don't get me wrong. I love stories where he's a sexual person, but it's about time someone fully mined what could happen if he wasn't.

Cut for a longish excerpt from the story.Collapse )

I'm not going to lie. This fic broke my heart a little, but it was so well-written, so true to the characters we know from the show, that I almost didn't mind.

If you enjoy this story, please take a minute to leave a comment for the writer. Comments = happy writers. Happy writers = more fic for us to read.

The Best Day Ever by kanata
Summary: Sheldon and his Meemaw.
Word Count: 800
Rating: G
Pairing(s): Gen
Genre: Character piece
Link to Story:

I'm always so very impressed when a writer can pack a ton of ideas into very few words. This is one of those stories. It's short but it left such an impact on me that I found myself thinking about it a lot last night. A story about young Sheldon's childhood, it will make you see him in a whole new way.

Erin and Missy and the other girls are going to Waterworld, but Shelly would rather go swimming in Meemaw's pool. Shelly does not like Waterworld's rules. They aren't fair.

Meemaw doesn't have any rules about the pool except wait half an hour after eating (sensible), wear sunblock (also sensible), and don't pee in the pool (very sensible). No rules about what you can or can't wear.

This is a sweet story, but wonderfully bittersweet. I don't want to give too much away. Just go read it.

If you enjoyed the story, please take the time to leave a comment for the writer. You can still comment on Dreamwidth without an account using Open ID.

As the Games Were Starting by cereal
Summary: Half of this stuff, it's stuff no one Penny knows ever even did at sleepovers, but it's on the agenda -- they really did limbo, for example.
Word Count: 1865
Rating: PG
Pairing(s): Sheldon/Penny, Howard/Raj
Genre: Humor
Link to Story:

I'm not exaggerating one bit when I say that I think that half the fandom threw a party when word got around that, after a long absence from writing BBT fic, cereal had posted something new. Like many in the fandom, her fic was some of the first I ever read and I'll always have an incredibly special place in my heart for What Happens, Stays.

Having said all that, does her new fic live up to all the anticipation and hype? In a word, YES. This story is hilarious, sweet, sexy and features Spin the Bottle and bonus Howard/Raj. What's not to love?

The first spin goes 100% the best way it could've gone:

Howard spins and it lands on Raj.

The backpedaling, oh god, the backpedaling. Raj is just making angry, muted noises (no booze at a teenage sleepover), but Howard -- Howard is in rare form.

He calmly checks his strike count with Sheldon, but he's at two and the reset course now requires a physical education credit that no one's anxious to learn about.

Then he pretends his phone is ringing.

Sheldon tells him, all disapproving, that, despite Apple's advances in cellular phone technology, no company has yet found a way to allow for a phone to still function following both a blast from liquid nitrogen and a forceful shattering.

I'm so happy that cereal is back and in fine form. Stick around for a while, would you?

If you enjoy this story, please take a minute to leave a comment for the writer. Comments = happy writers. Happy writers = more fic for us to read.

Kicking Ass in Under 600 Words: Three Snack-Sized Fics
audrey reading
I like to think of these little fics as tiny ninja fish. All of them are under 600 words, and they pack more punch and polish into each one than most of us manage in 6000. Such small fish generally escape the trawl of fandom rec nets, as most people are looking for sprawling classic epics - which leads us to the best part: I bet you've never read them.


Title: love in the time of science
Author: neecoal  
Summary:  Sheldon admires Penny's body from a refreshingly analytical perspective.
Word Count: 345
Rating: Light R
Pairing(s): Sheldon/Penny
Genre: Literary, character piece
Link to Story:

Written in November and, IMHO, criminally overlooked, this is a small, sexy, scientific, sparkling little fic. One light, well crafted sex scene sketched in lines like:  It is algebra, pure and simple: find the value of x, x being the action that makes her moan like that again.

And: An inverse slope connects shoulder and neck, her shoulder the asymptote which he marks with his teeth.

Yeah. With a few sentences, neecoal   just kicked our asses. Let's show this fierce little fic some love.


Title: The Present is a Foreign Country
Author:  lannamichaels  
Summary: The world does not end and Sheldon falls in love.
Word Count: 600
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Sheldon/Eleventh Doctor
Genre: Crack, crossover, humor
Link to Story: At A03
Spoilers for "Eleventh Hour," the first episode of the 2010 season of Doctor Who.

Let's talk about this story for a minute - No, wait. Sheldon Cooper/Eleventh Doctor. Sheldon Cooper/Eleventh Doctor. Got that? Right. Here's the first sentence.

It is when Sheldon sees the answers to life, the universe, and everything scroll by on the screen during the semi-annual we're-all-going-to-die-and-it's-all-the-UK's-fault web conference that he discovers, much to his surprise, that he has a sex drive.

I don't even know why you're not reading this fic already. And the last two sentences? When you read them, they will fix 72.5% of the things that are wrong in your life.

Title: a white canvas, complete in itself
Author: allthingsholy
Summary: Penny being herself - which is to say, awesome.
Word Count: 475.
Rating: G
Pairing(s): Gen.
Genre: character piece
Link to Story:

As much as I love seeing Penny being shipped with everything but anchovies, sometimes I just want to see good strong Penny Gen. Nothing much happens in this little fic; it doesn't need to. It just brings us a little closer to a woman that we all read about, but that none of us really know.

"No," Penny interrupts. She learned her lesson borrowing money from Sheldon: she doesn't want to owe anyone anything. She wants to make it on her own. "I'm not asking Mom and Dad for money." Her voice is sharp and clear. Strong. New.


If you enjoy these stories, please take a minute to leave a comment for their writers. Comments = happy writers. Happy writers = more fic for us to read. You don't need an account to comment on fic at Archive of Their Own.

Finding the Proper Tense by ladylioness
Summary: Sheldon is acting odd, and no one can quite figure out why. Here's a hint: there's time travel involved, and a certain physicist is not too fond of where he ended up.
Word Count: 4400
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Sheldon/Penny
Genre: AU
Link to Story:

I thought I'd break myself in with one of my favorite older fandom fics, and I could think of none better than this one. There are a few reasons I'm a complete sucker for this story: time travel, excellent story-building, and time travel. So many AU and fandom tropes work well in this fandom, and this is one of the finest examples of that: Sheldon travels back in time and ends up smack dab in the middle of Penny and Leonard's love life. The reveal and resolution hit the perfect note of romance and realism, with the characters always acting just differently enough that exploring the ways and reasons they've changed is half of what makes this story amazing.

He does what he should have done in the first place and locates his social interaction journal. In this room, the current one was always in the nightstand next to his bed. He slides open the drawer and pulls out the book. Closing the drawer, he flips to the latest entry, November 7, 2009. He skims the entry and then goes further back, trying to glean relevant data to his current predicament. After a while, he snaps the notebook closed and lets it fall onto the bed. This is a colossal disaster. He groans. She is going to kill him.

Oh, and did I mention there is kissing that is beautifully written and perfectly intimate?

If you enjoy this story, please take a minute to leave a comment for the writer.

Welcome to our three new reccers!
I'm thrilled to announce that we've added three more reccers to bbt_imho. More reccers = more great recommendations of fic for you to read.

I'll let them introduce themselves in their own words:

intheforth: A writer, a writer of fictions. Also a constant reader. Enjoys pronouns and antecedents. Frequently ponders the criteria that determine a fandom classic. Generally in need of a haircut.

pythonaphale: twentysomething working gal, paying her dues to sing the blues; at this point, only kept sane by fiction, cats and tea. finds the concept and execution of fanfiction to be delightfully empowering. seeks gritty realism and sweet escapism in equal measures.

sperero: Not-so-single white female, enjoys long walks on the beach and intentionally screwing with grammar for fun. Also a fan of messing with canon, characterizations, and chronology. Unintentional alliteration is unintentional.

Please give them a warm welcome!

Don't forget that you can follow us on Twitter.

Here There Be Dragons by trascendenza
Summary: Penny wants a pet.
Word Count: 915
Rating: G
Pairing(s): Gen
Genre: Humor
Link to Story:

Here's another story that has made my Monday morning tolerable, even enjoyable. Penny decides to buy a pet. Hilarity ensues, featuring some very well-written ensemble dialogue, always a weakness for me.

"Well, I can't get a cat or a dog because it's against building policy or something, but the landlord said if it was in a cage it was okay," Penny explained to the very bored looking salesgirl. "And, you know, I'm from Nebraska and I always had dogs and cats growing up, so I'm just getting kind of, I don't know, lonely without a cute little face to come home to."

"Warm-blooded mammals are that way," the girl droned, pointing to the other end of the store, "fish to the left, reptiles and invertebrates to the right."

"Snakes and bugs?" Penny said. "Ew."

"I'm sure they feel the same way about you," the girl drawled, going back to stacking paw-shaped containers of doggie treats in a pyramid.

If you enjoy this story, please take a minute to leave a comment for the writer. Comments = happy writers. Happy writers = more fic for us to read. You don't need an account to comment on fic at Archive of Their Own.


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